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. here's gary from fairmont, west virginia. hey, gary. >> caller: how are you? >> bill: what's going on? >> caller: well, i'm a disabled veteran. 11 years on active duty. at the veterans administration on disability in 2007 for over 16 different items. i worked my whole life. but i am one of them 47%. it depends on the government. >> bill: gary, i'm sorry to do this. i just got enough time. gary exemplifies the people that mitt romney is talking about. served his country. paid his taxes. >> and not a victim! not a victim! >> bill: not a victim. not a freeloader. not a moocher. >> a servant to this nation. >> bill: exactly. people we ought to be saying thank you to rather than shame on you right? victoria, you and i we have so much fun when we get together. thank you for coming in. we'll see you again soon. >> thank you. >> bill: thanks for your good work on talk radio news. i'll be back with chris van hollen. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." i.q. will go way up. how are you ever going to solv
the president. mike is calling from my mom's home state of virginia. good morning, mike. >> caller: good morning. john i wanted to talk to the mvp of current tv. >> i'm like the jimmy ohlson i know. i'm the scab de jour. >> as a fellow entertainer and stand-up comic, i have so much respect for you. >> john: thank you. it has been nice to come here and see what they are trying to do, and they really are going for something independent, they welcome critiques of the democratic party and the president. they are not pretending to be unbiased, but they are also refusing to be in the pocket of the dnc. >> caller: i think the biggest lie i can't stand from the rnc is, hey, we're just trying to help. >> john: they are trying to help. they just don't say who. >> caller: exactly, yes. >> john: when i hear them talking about the war on poverty, then i'll take them seriously. >> caller: yes. i'll originally from virginia but i'm calling from vest virginia, but that was not redneck enough for me. >> john: you are right. would love to see governor romney balk about the poor and
. it is a pretty light day on the campaign trail for president obama. he has just one event in virginia beach. mitt romney though is sticking to his new campaign strategy of getting himself out there as much as possible. he is also in virginia this morning speaking at the exact same time as the president but from springfield. he then heads to a fund-raiser in d.c. and another event in pennsylvania. romney is coming off three separate interviews last night with three separate television stations. that all went in three very different direction. romney talked everything from character assassination to his massachusetts healthcare reform and even though he is down about 9 points in the polls he still thinks he can take ohio. >> i need to win ohio. i'm planning on winning ohio. we're excited about our prospects here because i think the people of ohio know that the path we're on is just not the right course for creating the jobs and the rising incomes people deserve. >> romney think the debate next week could be a turning poin
is in virginia. >> caller: hey, bill. how are you doing? >> bill: good, thanks. >> caller: i have two things here, one is that romney says he wants to replace it with his plan. god knows i would like to know what his plan is. [ laughter ] >> caller: and number two -- >> bill: you will never know what his plan is. he certainly won't tell ya. >> caller: and also he made the statement about staying on your parents plan as long as you would like. >> bill: yeah, not until you are 26, as long as you would like. >> caller: yeah, and making the statement that you can borrow from your parents, when did you get away from your parents. >> bill: yeah, it's easy for mitt romney to say, if you need some dough just ask your parents for 25, 50, 100 grand, because he was always able to do that. not every american family has those resources. i know i couldn't have borrowed 100 grand from my father -- shoot i couldn't have borrowed a thousand dollars from my father. mitt romney stepping in big time over the weekend saying repeal obamacare? well, i changed my mind. yeah, right. ♪ >> announ
and mitt romney both in the key state of virginia yesterday. you can all relax because everything, once again is all right with the world. those good regular union refs are back on the job. they came out last night for the ravens/browns game up in baltimore. no more lingerie league rejects out on the field. how about it. okay. that and a whole lot more here on today's "full court press." but first the latest, today's current news update from lisa ferguson in los angeles. good morning. >> hey bill, good morning everyone. mitt romney is all over the map again today with a rally in pennsylvania and then a fund-raiser in massachusetts. his campaign has another $5 million after last night's fund-raiser in d.c. where romney explained his five steps to take america back. the first of which is to produce more oil and natural gas. >> romney: we have the capacity if we can take advantage of it and we build that pipeline from canada that we will do if i have to do it myself. >> other steps include promoting trade and putting s
to be ohio all the time. lately it has been virginia florida, colorado, nevada. he is going -- i guess he's going to columbus next week. >> there is a whole lot of ohio action. and part of it is the democrats [ inaudible ] in pennsylvania has allowed him to spendless time there. so what else is he going to do? there are eight states he is focused on. and these are all states that they would like to either nail down or get to the point where they can look at nailing them down, you know? >> bill: right. margaret we know and we have talked about this before the campaign mainly focused on the economy, but today the "new york times," and i know you are working on this story -- here is a foreign policy issue that may take on extreme importance. israeli prime minister warned the united states yesterday that if we don't set clear red lines that would determine when the united states would take military action against iran then he said quote, we have no moral right to say they can't bomb iran. he is really -- >> he has been very frustrated because he would like assurances f
't get as much attention. although virginia has been getting a lot of attention. tim kaine versus george allen. >> i have talked to some races that are tied to the presidential, but i think no race is more tied than the virginia senate race. for 18 months this thing has been going full bore. as you have seen president obama get his bump post convention you also saw kaine get a bump. i was a little surprised to see that. they debated last week tim kaine made a small mistake. i don't know that it is fatal, but he said he would consider a tax increase for all americans. he thought that all americans should pay some sort of minimum tax. his response was no he was simply talking about his willingness to consider all proposals on the table. but it seemed to plays a draw, which most do quite frankly. but if obama maintains this edge, it is going to reclose. >> bill: toss up? >> yes. >> bill: i ran in to joe donnelly the other day. democratic senate in indiana. >> i'm a little surprised to see him here, he has a campaign to run. >> bill: yes. >> this is the newest entry to ou
virginia, president obama up 8 points over mitt romney. what's going on? >> i think that -- well, no question about the fact that the romney campaign is in a dip but they've come off the worst three weeks in presidential politics probably in both of our lives. i was trying to think of a worse three weeks of any major candidate. >> bill: starting with the convention? >> yeah, absolutely. starting with the convention. you can go back and back and back. some of this was set up by the whole tax return thing. they walked into that. you know, you would have thought -- and i like these guys. i'm going to vote for them but you would have thought well, if he's going to run for president he's worth $300 million, someone is going to say how much do you pay in taxes. i don't think he can say i'm not telling. at some point, you have to come up with some formulation. i understand that he has -- you know, armies of accountants that look for every semicolon to save him money. that's what they're paid for. >> bill: i would volunteer
, but yesterday he went down to norfolk, virginia and stopped by a fire house to say hello to the firefighters there, and brought them a very very special gift. we have been talk about the white house beer the president brought him a case of the white house beer. >> obama: we have a whole case here, and i'll call you up and see what you think. >> i appreciate that too. >> yeah. where is our case? >> bill: well, i think the next time we have a white house briefing, they better hand out bottles, or there will be a lot of grumbling. we'll get into more with randi weingarten, but first here is dan. >> overhead lines making news it looks like apple will introduce its newest version of the iphone next week, it will hold an conference next week. that hints to the iphone five. the phone expected to go on sale september 21st. >> bill: can i get in line now? this is my i-three. >> that's a very nice case -- >> bill: and the reason i have the rubber band is because the case broke and i can't find a knew one so i'm going to get the five as soon as i can. and get rid of my rubber band.
. ohio florida virginia, romney is several points behind. if he doesn't do something to fix this, then he's going to be in trouble. the debates obviously are going to -- at the end of the day make a huge difference. he's behind by 7 8 points, that's a big challenge to overcome that. >> bill: five points behind i saw this morning in colorado. jon, as always, we got so much to cover but so little time. we're out of it. we'll let you sneak back into the house without waking up your kids. thanks so much for joining us this morning, jon ward from "huffington post" covering the romney campaign. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." jack you're a little boring. boring. boring. jack you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts
calls and some of the calls that they are missing. pete in fredericksberg virginia, hello, pete. >> caller: good morning, bill. i think this nfl situation -- i think the team owners should get just what they deserve and the fans stay away from the parks, and they will reap what they sow but not paying the money back to the nfl refs and all. >> bill: i would hope that would be the case pete but you just heard big fan vino saying he would rather watch a bad game than no game at all. so i think the owners probably have us all by the short hairs. >> caller: yeah but the fans don't want to see a bad game. they will even watch it on television and get rid it. >> bill: what about the players. >> caller: they are putting them in jeopardy because of the injuries they could get. >> bill: of course they are. i'm waiting for the players to say hell, no we're not playing sunday unless you bring back the professional refs. thanks for the call pete. outin oakland, california hello, shawn. >> caller: how are you doing. >> bill: this is going to affect the raiders out there, shawn.
to andrews air force base and then going down to norfolk virginia. at 12:35 today east coast time of course, he will be delivering remarks at a campaign event in norfolk, virginia and then heading back to washington d.c. arriving back at the white house at 4:40 this afternoon. deputy press secretary josh earnest will gaggle aboard air force i. no briefing at the air force today so i won't be missing anything by being here in charlotte. governor jack markel from the diamond state, the state of delaware will be our guest in the next hour of the "full court press" live from the democratic national convention. so stay with us! and we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: hello everybody. what do you say? welcome to the "full court press" here on current tv. this tuesday morning. we're live from charlotte north carolina. and the first day of the democratic national convention. and i gotta tell you this is going to be a much, much, much more different convention here
states, the latest battleground poll shows president obama up over romney in virginia by 8 points, up in ohio by 5 points, up in florida by 5 points, up in iowa by 5 points. up in nevada by 5 points. i was looking at some others this morning here, enough, just up by 1 point. colorado up by 2.3 points. so it's looking pretty good. here's another indication in the latest battleground poll. this was conducted by politico and paid for by politico, sponsored i guess by politico and george washington university. shows that 60% of americans today say they think president obama's going to win re-election. 60% think -- whether they want him to or not think he's going to. 30% only think mitt romney is going to win. 10% are undecided. so everybody sort of feeling like this election now is going in one direction. everybody that is except two people. paul ryan and mitt romney who told an interviewer yesterday hey, polls don't mean anything. >> polls go up and down and there's some polls that are out there where the race i
-- in virginia and florida and ohio. >> bill: key states. >> we're going to be on the phones to all of our now members, not asking the now members to vote because they do vote but asking them to volunteer, get on the phone you know get on the phone and go support your favorite candidate who will support women's rights. >> bill: here is mary calling terry, calling from chicago. mary, good morning. >> caller: hello terry. this is a friend of yours who just managed to get through. >> bill: i'm glad to hear from you. >> caller: good morning i just wanted to share with everyone how awesome i thought the speakers were. each and every one of them made a compelling reason why to re-elect the president. including the ones who shared their personal stories which i think was especially powerful. >> bill: i thought it was. they were interspersed throughout the convention every night and these people would pop up. i thought they were really -- they were real people. >> they really were. i think what this convention had was inspiration.
is up -- obama over romney 8 points in virginia and his approval rating at 50% now. the highest it has been in quite a while. and this was before "mother jones" published the video of mitt romney's comments in front of that fund raiser on may 17th i think in boca raton. adam is the reporter for "mother jones" who released the video. jenny is in la port indiana. hi, jenny. >> caller: yes, i am. i would like to make a fairly quick comment. i just heard obama is up 5 points. my concern is it is not moving fast enough. and i'm shocked at the arrogance and the contempt that mitt romney has shown for -- for the public -- for americans, and his -- he is really only concerned with the millionaires, and i can't understand for the life of me how senior citizens in florida and people -- how they -- how they can vote for him, i -- i just can't understand it. aside from that, aside from all of this, i think it's pretty scary, and very frightening to think that there is a -- a horrible possibility that he could get elected. >> bill: all right. jenny. i appreciate the call. thanks
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15